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Klei Mower                                          Located at Klei Mower

10345 Colerain Ave.                                                        Across from Rumpke Landfill
Cincinnati, OH 45251
(513) 385-8525
                                                                                       24-hour Snow Emergency Line
                                                                                                                   (513) 203-7669


Mower/Cincinnati Salt is a retail and wholesale supplier for snow and ice control products. We offer a wide range of items from bagged rock salt, calcium pellets, blended ice melt, salt spreaders, snow plows and spreader/plow parts for Snoway, Meyer, and Snow-Ex. We are located in Cincinnati Ohio but can deliver salt almost any place you need it. Please take a few minutes to browse our site as we have a lot of information available.

Ice Control

Klei Mower/Cincinnati Salt has products and programs to fit every size job in the snow and ice removal business. We do not remove snow or ice we supply the products used to do the job. We do however refer our customers names to people in need of snow or ice removal for their property. Send us and email with your name and information so we can add you to our email list for specials and referrals at Salt@Cincinnatisalt.com. If you have any questions please email us at Salt@Cincinnatisalt.com and we will respond in 24hrs usually much faster.

Klei Mower/Cincinnati Salt sells a wide range of products. From bagged rock salt 25lb, 50lb and 80lb(special order only on 80's) bags, Calcium pellets 50lb bag, Morton Eco-Safe 50lb bag, Industrial Strength Ice Melt 50lb bag, Snoway Plows and Spreaders, Meyer Snow Plow parts, Snow-Ex Spreaders and parts, and more!

Any product which is effective in melting ice and snow may accelerate damage to certain concrete surfaces. To help minimize surface damage, use only enough salt/ice melt to melt the snow or loosen the ice, then promptly remove the slush formed

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